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Robots dancing

1,007 Chinese Robots Break World Record by Dancing in Sync

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  • 08
  • 2016

It’s a fact that humans have found innumerable uses for robots – more than you could ever imagine. From personal assistants to helpful monks, heck! They even get married.


This time, they made headlines for breaking a world record. In July, 1,007 robots danced in synchronized fashion at the Qingdao Beer Festival in China. It would’ve been 1040, but some were disqualified because of technical difficulties.

Responsible for programming and hardwiring these 43.8 cm- tall QRC-2 robots was Ever Win Company, in an attempt to promote their products.

According to the Ever Win Company, some serious work went into this feat. Every robot was controlled by one smartphone, and special encryption technology was used to reduce radio interference from other devices, which could have ruined the sync.

To establish the record and break the previous record of 540 dancing robots set in February, every robot had to be dancing for a full minute in sync without falling.


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