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16-year old cancer patient aces ICSE test

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  • 2016

To most people, taking a big test in school is dramatic enough in itself. But whoever considers complaining about their stress levels right before a big test should take a lesson from Raghav Chandak. This 16-year-old student from Kolkata finished his ICSE while battling leukemia. And he didn’t just finish it. He scored a 95.8%, well above the coveted 95% so many students are striving for.

Chandak was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in April of last year. From then on, he started an intensive treatment program, severely limiting his ability to study. In between hospital visits and treatments (sometimes lasting 6 weeks in a row), he only managed to go to classes a total of two months out of the year.

India Cancer

When the diagnosis came, his father told the media, “We thought he will not be able to appear for the exams. We went to the school and told them about it. They said, you take care of the medical condition and we will take care of his studies.” And that’s exactly what happened. Chandak’s cousin provided him with notes from the classes, and his teachers and school did whatever they could to help. They installed a bench for Chandak to follow classes whenever he could, and he could call teachers with questions. The rest of the time, he spent his days in the hospital surrounded by notes and textbooks.

Even with all the support, the fight shown by Chandak is inspiring to many people. Doing well on a test this important is already an accomplishment, but his resilience and determination are an example of just how much you can accomplish even when all odds seem stacked against you.

After finishing the ICSE, a 10th grade test in India that plays a role in determining what further education a student can pursue, Chandak hopes to continue his efforts towards getting into the IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) after finishing school.


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