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4 Outrageous Japanese Beauty Trends

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  • 2016

It would be difficult to argue with the idea that Japan is a leading world innovator. It is home to some of the most bizarre and breathtaking products in the entire world. Japan boasts everything from musical toilets, interactive pavements, cafés where you pay to be cuddled, and even hoverboards, which have now taken Europe by storm.

Japan quite frankly leaves us all feeling a little inadequate when it comes to innovation. You might be surprised to find out that the same applies to their beauty industry. They leave no stone unturned. Thought you’d seen it all? Think again! Because what you thought was outrageous is nothing compared to what Japan can offer, so here are five outrageous beauty trends originating in Japan… would you dare?

Tokyo scene

1. The Hangover Look

Have you ever woken up in yesterday’s makeup looking a little worse for wear after a long night out ? Well, in Japan this is actually a fashion trend. Whether you like it or not, they reversed this look and have started to favor this look which embraces our ‘roughness.’ The look incorporates watery-looking eyes, a slightly puffy complexion, and messy hair. Surprisingly, this look was very popular for a season. Is it your cup of tea? It’s perfect for all the lazy girls out there! #HangoverMakeup is the new popular hashtag.

2. Snail slime facials

Snail facial

Are you a lover of nature? Well, you can take this love to a whole new level in Japan. When it comes to skincare innovation and ground-breaking beauty products, Japan really does know best. And yes, this now means listening when they recommend slimy, green, disgusting snail secretion all over your pretty face. Snail creams and snail facials, where live snails are placed on your face, help to trigger the regeneration of skin and also help to destroy acne by acting as an exfoliating agent to eliminate dead cells.

3. Hello Kitty Contacts

Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty has been popular for years and years and is showing no signs of loosing its magic. Would you like to glare out of some hello Kitty contact lenses? Believe it or not, this is now a reality. It’s no surprise really to anyone that these Hello Kitty contact lenses are a sell out in Japan. However, there has been a problem with this trend now becoming popular in western countries as these lenses are not FDA-approved.

4. A smile trainer

Smile trainer

So, have you ever looked in the mirror and decided that your smile simply isn’t wide enough. In Japan, you can purchase a smile trainer to widen that smile gradually for a more beautiful look. When the trainer is inserted into the mouth, it enhances the jaw muscles, which supposedly help with a perfect smile. It’s one thing trying to improve your selfies, but we certainly don’t want to end up looking too much like The Joker.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Japan is several steps ahead, utilizing as many methods as possible to take your beauty regime to the next level.


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