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4 Top Things to do in Hong Kong

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When it comes to Hong Kong and its incredible sights and attractions, you might have a difficult time making a choice about how to spend your time. Everyone knows that Hong Kong is a shopping mecca, but there is so much more to this jewel of China than just shopping.

With so much to do, where on earth do you start? Keep reading for a few suggestions. Below are four things you should definitely do in Hong Kong!

Tai Long Wan

Are you a lover of nature? Then you should spend a day at Tai Long Wan, which is considered to be Hong Kong’s most stunning beach. Tai Long Wan (or Big Wave Bay) is situated on the east coast of the Sai Kung peninsula. A perfect setting for camping and day trips, it’s at least a 90-minute hike from the nearest road, so it’s beautifully secluded. And in the summer, you can also enjoy a small boat ride from Sai Kung pier for pure bliss.

Tai Long Wan Hong Kong

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Nan Lian Garden

Hong Kong can be busy and pretty hectic at times, so why not take some time out to visit the stunningly picturesque Nan Lian Gardens? You can enjoy this breathtaking Tang Dynasty-style landscaped Chinese garden of classical elegance. Although it is in busy Kowloon, you will think you’ve entered another world when you feel the quiet atmosphere of this garden which is based on China’s famous Jiangshouju Garden in Shanxi Province. Nan Lian boasts a huge array of water features, exotic plants and trees, architecture, rocks, and much more to invigorate all your senses.

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong

Lantau Island

If you can make it to Lantau Island then it’s a must. It’s the largest of Hong Kong’s islands and is situated at the mouth of the Pearl River. The island boasts a beautifully picturesque mountainous interior, traversed by the 70km Lantau Trail from Mui Wo (Silver Mine Bay),  and includes 934m high Lantau Peak. You can also see Po Lin Monastery which is is the famous site of the bronze Tian Tan Buddha.

What’s more, if you want a dazzling view of the island’s landscape, then you should take the Ngong Ping 360, the aerial tramway on Lantau Island intended to improve tourism to the area. The aerial view is so impressive that it has most definitely had a positive effect on tourism to the island.

Lantau Island cable car Hong Kong

City Tram Tour

 Sometimes it’s just nice to see as much of a place as you can while you are there. Enjoy Hong Kong from the delightful luxury of a 1920’s-style tram. You can sit comfortably in the open-top and cruise through the bustling city’s Central, Admiralty, and Wan Chai Districts. With insightful history and commentary along the way, you will get a great overview of Hong Kong and some insight into its true character.

City tram tour Hong Kong

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You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to the huge metropolis that is Hong Kong. You would actually need at least two weeks there to really enjoy seeing as much of this stunning place as you can. What will you do?

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