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5 crazy things to do in Southeast Asia

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  • 2016

One thing that Southeast Asia can never be accused of is being a dull place. SE Asia is one of the most incredible regions on earth to visit. With a history as rich as its culture, there’s a never-ending stream of things to see, try, experience, and eat.

Do you fancy something a little out of the ordinary? Then why not consider doing some of these when you visit this enticing place?

Not for the faint hearted…

Visit the Bangkok Corrections Museum!

This place isn’t for you if anxiety plagues you! The museum of corrections is a pretty macabre place, situated in a park that used to be a jail.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 14.39.31
The Corrections Museum displays different kinds of torture methods that were used throughout the Ayutthaya Period. Many of the torture methods are pretty gruesome. You need a strong stomach to view some of the displays.

This museum also describes how capital punishment has been applied throughout the history of Thailand until modern day.

Please note: The museum is rather difficult to find, so be sure to have written directions for your taxi driver. In addition, the museum has been closed for renovations, so double check that it is already open again.

Fancy a Go with an AK-47 or a Bazooka? Just Head to Cambodia.

If you feel that kind of need, then this is a very real possibility. Controlled, of course. You aren’t simply let loose in Cambodia with an AK-47!

AK-47If you enjoy target or shooting activities, then this popular tourist activity might be just the thing for you. And you even could be offered the opportunity to fire an old Bazooka should you want to.


Bugs for Protein?

Yes, it’s true. Thailand is known for its adventurous and alternative cuisine. And a dish of fried bugs just happens to be one of the more interesting possibilities.

Fried insect snackFried insects are readily available from many food street stalls in Thailand and provide a healthy source of protein. Many local Thais love to snack on them. So forget about peanuts with your beer. In Thailand, you can have deep fried, crunchy bugs. Have you got the stomach for fried bugs in spicy sauce?

The Women with Golden Necklaces

In northern Thailand, there is a tribe called ‘the long-neck’ hill tribe. The women wear golden bangles around their necks.

Long necked womanAs the woman’s age increases, the number of bangles also increases, giving them the appearance of having elongated necks. It is very popular to visit them and take photos.

Why not rent a motorbike and take a ride through all the northern villages to see many of the amazing sights and people.

Rent a Motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City

Renting a motorbike can be a great way to experience the culture and pass yourself off as a local. Motorbikes are the most popular mode of transport in SE Asia. There are millions of them everywhere you look. As a pedestrian, you will get a harsh dose of reality when you attempt to cross a road and experience how many there really are.

Whatever time of year you decide to visit SE Asia, you will have tons of choices with many fun activities. Some might just be a little weird! The best thing to do is to fully immerse yourself in the culture and try to experience the non-tourist side of this amazing place.


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