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Japan electric car

A New Electric Car Made Its Debut at the Ceatec Japan Electronics Show in October 2016

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  • 2016

Some people might think that Honda’s new electric car resembles an amusement car ride more than it does an actual car.

Honda electric car

People aren’t flocking to buy electric cars, but despite that, you can expect more and more electric cars to come on the market. In fact, sales of plug-in cars increased globally in 2016.

China is making it very appealing to buy an electric car by giving aggressive tax rebates and other incentives to people who go electric. This is a smart move for China since it is one way to deal with the problem of pollution in Chinese cities.

Japan electric car

Even Japan’s Toyota, which has been concentrating on hybrid cars rather than pure electric cars, is changing course and will focus more on electric cars in the near future.

Despite that, Japan has had to face reality and reduce its target for the production of electric vehicles and charging stations.

But don’t let that fool you. Electric cars are likely to be in your future.

Japan electric car

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