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At the Red Duck Post we focus on developing positive social media videos related to food, animals and cultural events in Asia.

These days millennial’s receive 70% of their news through social media. We create digital media for a Facebook audience hungry for around the clock mobile content.

On a monthly basis we receive roughly 15 million views on our natively uploaded videos.  We aim to grow our presence and expand our reach as digital media develops itself as the most important form of consumer entertainment.

Find us back in your daily social feed.

Corporate Information

Company Name Red Duck Post Ltd.
Business Digital  Media
Social Media
Internet Advertising
Headquarters 60 Cannon St, London, EC4N 6NP, United Kingdom
Branch Office in Japan 4 F & 5F GYB Akihabara Building, 2-25 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 104-0041, Japan
Founded August 2016
Representative Yuko Mukai
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