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Asian elephants

Asian elephants – You Just Gotta Love Them

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When thinking of Asia and its associations, you might conjure up an image of an elephant. The Asian elephant has become a symbol of Asia, one that is adored by the whole world. Yes, the beautiful elephant has become an emblem of this gorgeous continent.

Who doesn’t love elephants? Elephants are adored by millions and are a symbol of peace, luck, and tranquility. Being gentle giants, elephants have worked with humans for about as long as time itself. Do you fancy knowing a little more about these glorious creatures? Then read on…

Asian elephants

Asian vs African Elephants

Do you already know that the beautiful elephant is the earth’s largest land animal? It’s true, but another interesting fact is that the Asian elephant is ever so slightly smaller in size than its larger African cousin.

How can you tell the difference between the two? Asian elephants can be identified by their smaller, rounded ears. An African elephant’s ears resemble the continent of Africa – cool huh! Come on – use your imagination.

African elephant 1000x664 72

Listen up dumbo

Ever wondered why an elephant’s ears are so huge and floppy? It’s not just to make them look cute. They actually serve a very important purpose. Elephant ears radiate heat to help keep these gentle giants cool, but even this isn’t always enough. Elephants absolutely LOVE water and enjoy showering and bathing in it for as long as possible. You have probably seen them sucking water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves and passers by!

Elephant bathing itself

A typical day for an Asian elephant

Asian elephants are hugely popular with tourists and nature watchers alike. There are many sanctuaries, rescues, and nature trails where you can catch a glimpse of these stunning creatures.

Elephants love to feed on nature’s colorful offerings such as roots, grasses, and bark. They eat a lot of these things as well as normal fruit and vegetables. They especially love bananas and would happily munch away on them all day long. Do you think you eat a lot?

Do you think you eat a lot? Well, think again because an adult elephant can consume up to a colossal 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of food in just a single day. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Now, you might not complain about your dog or cat food bill again.

These food guzzling, gigantic mammals do not sleep much and are capable of roaming over huge distances while hunting for the large quantities of food they require to sustain their massive bodies. Imagine the energy expenditure. Looking for enough food to fuel their bodies is an elephant’s full-time job.

Elephant eating


The ancient Chinese used to and still do consider the elephant as a symbol of strength, wisdom and fertility – so everything positive about life! In India, the elephant is revered as the God Ganesh, which is why you will see beautiful mandalas, artwork, sculptures and paintings of this mythical creature.

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