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Mass scale Baby turtle smuggling in Indonesia

  • 31
  • 03
  • 2016

Custom officials of Indonesia made a statement on Tuesday declaring that over 4 000 protected baby turtles were stopped from being smuggled to China.

The attempt included over 3 700 pig-nosed and almost 900 snake-necked turtles. They were hidden in special containers just outside Jakarta. The turtles were hidden among clown loach fish and were ready to be exported to Chinese city of Guangzhou, for a reported sum of $90 000.Exotic species are very popular among Chinese, either as a form of delicacy or ingredients of traditional medicine. They have been major importers of illegal wildlife for the past few decades. South East Asian authorities are often unable to stop the similar acts of trading that endanger the local animals. Currently, poaching is one of the most profitable industries in Indonesia, as the country is experiencing a period economic transition.

The Indonesian authorities have been very busy over the past couple of months. In January, they seized over 7 500 pig-nosed turtles ready to be sent to Shang Hai and Singapore. First three months of a new year are the most common time for the smugglers to make their attempts because of the breeding habits of these endangered species.


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