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Booming Baby Business in China

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  • 03
  • 2016

China’s one- child policy had caused the parents to spend free-handedly on their beloved children. All the income would go in ensuring he got the best clothes, toys and education. With the policy change, retailers hope that the parents will be just as loving towards their second child. Since the passing of the law, thousands of foreign and domestic companies have been gearing up for the upcoming demand surge.

Demand on surrogate mothers has skyrocketed. In spite of becoming illegal in 2001, firms have found legal loopholes in the system and still manage to provide surrogacy services. With the two-child policy coming in, many mothers past the age of 40 have decided to use these companies to bore their second child because they are unable to do it themselves. There are however plenty of conflicts arising from this practice, which is why it was banned in the first place.

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Several other industries are likely to benefit heavily too. Various schools and education centers expect the surge in student numbers in a few years time. Baby products have already started getting cleared off the shelves. Disney is also planning to open its theme park in June hoping to attract 10 million people each year.

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