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Botany in Beijing – Integrating nature with modern lifestyle

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  • 2016

Customers who visit Botany in Beijing cannot help but marvel at how the beauty of nature works so much magic on a cocktail. This bar embraces the use of plants that have a soothing effect on all the customers. Botany is more of a theme than it is a name.

Red cocktail

In this bar, you will witness things that are only seen in the movies. Their exotic cocktails are carefully and uniquely prepared to leave the customer begging for more. Frankie Zou, a bartender, adds a touch of sensation to his creation by using things such as smoke, which also adds flavor to the cocktails.

Cocktails here, even those that are produced with dry ice, are served in a smoky haze. This is also accompanied by blazing twigs of dried up rosemary. The resulting flavor is absorbed by the foaming drink, and the amazing taste remains in your mouth for the rest of the evening.

Smoky cocktail

Zou’s favorite cocktails are the Amortentia and Black Truffle Martini. Both of these cocktails are spicy and herbal. Zou also uses his smoke trick on two other cocktails – silky old-fashioned and smoked negroni. The bar occupies an apartment which has a twelfth floor view of the lights of Sanlitun and has a collection of elegant style jars on the counter with different labels. Each bottle of bitters reflects the charm of plant extracts to make the cocktails more special.

I can describe Botany in three words: inviting, homey, and comfortable. The bartenders usher in guests with familiarity just like hosts at a house party. You just need to press the doorbell and terrific drinks will be at your disposal. Freshly made snacks are also available. The bar is located at Apt 1209, Building 2, Yongli International Building, Chaoyang district.

Smoky yellow cocktail

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