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Buddhist monks expelled after street fight

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  • 2016

There are many legends about the fighting abilities of the Shaolin monks, as well as walking on air to pulling bullets out of mid-flight. People don’t tend to talk about the occasions where these monks lose their tempers and engage in fist fights in the middle of the streets, but apparently, it is something that happens.


A recent video taken in Ningguo Temple in Yangzhou, China, taken by an onlooker, shows a group of three monks punching and wrestling each-other in an argument over an unknown disagreement. Far from the type of fighting that Hollywood movies have led us to expect, this fighting was rather undignified and uncoordinated, with onlookers and commentators on the videos claiming the fight looked more like a punch-up between teenage brothers, rather than of highly trained and disciplined middle managers in a local temple.


The monks involved were promptly dismissed because of their involvement in the punch-up. The head monk of that temple explained that they valued ‘quality over quantity’.

Dishonored, disgraced, and uncoordinated, heck, I still wouldn’t pick a fight with them.


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