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Cat Lovers Now May Need to Travel to Japan

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  • 2016

Restaurants now more than ever are coming out with extravagant themes, and cafés are no exception. In certain places, the coffee and crèpes are not the main attraction anymore. Instead, the cats are the main attraction. Cat fanciers can spend quality time with their favorite felines.

Although this idea might be new to some, there is one country in the eastern world that is very familiar with the concept, Japan. Despite Taiwan having the first cat café ever open in 1998, the idea actually boomed in Japan.

Cat cafe

In western countries, condominiums are a lot less common than in Japan, where space is at a premium. Condominiums are the norm, and strict policies are held against having pets. Young workers that live alone and love animals have no real way of enjoying physical contact with any pets.

This is why the concept had such a warm welcome, to the point where 79 cat cafés opened across Japan from 2005 to 2010, and 58 open as of 2015.

The theme seemed repetitive, but many café owners tried setting themselves apart by sticking to certain categories such as black cats, fat cats, rare breed cats, or ex-strays.

Cat cafe

One café in Tokyo even tried to add goats into the picture to get more attention.

So much of the attention from the owners and patrons were focused on the cats that nobody really cared whether the surroundings were fashionable.

This slowly changed when the café MoCHA opened. It was located in one of the most picturesque areas in Tokyo and so it had to keep up with the rest of the fancy restaurants nearby.

Temari no Ouchi is another cat café that sets itself apart and that you might want to visit if you’re ever in the neighborhood or a fan of Studio Ghibli.

Cat cafe

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