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Polka Dot Omelette

Check Out Japan’s Whole New Way of Enjoying Omelettes

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  • 2016

Everybody knows that Japan is number one in making heads tilt when it comes to food. If there is a slight chance of making it unique or cute, they’re taking it.

Polka Dot Omelette

In this case, Japanese social media has been flooded with a new peculiar way to eat your omelette. It only takes a little more care to prepare it, and you will get such a sense of satisfaction when you see the result before gobbling it down.

The trend consists of polka dot omelettes.

Polka Dot Omelette

You obtain this distinctive look by first separating the yolk and the whites. You cook the yolks first, and when it starts to harden you make holes with a cookie cutter (of whatever shape you want). Pour the egg whites to fill in the holes and let it cook again.

Once you flip the omelette, you will see your creation and probably smile at it. Try out this experiment when you cook for yourself or for someone else. Watch their eyes pop when they see how creative a cook you are.

Be sure to take some photos before you chow down so you can post your creations on social media. You can even turn those polka dots into stars or decorate the polka dots with smiley faces.

Polka Dot Omelette


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