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China opens insect-themed park that defies expectations

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  • 2016

When most of us think about insects, our thoughts are not positive. It’s even rare to have a neutral opinion of these important beings in our ecosystem. They annoy us, they spread disease and they creep us out.

Despite this common conception, there is a park named the East Lake Peony Garden in Wuhan City that aims to create a beautiful experience involving these crawling little monsters, provided you visit at night.


By raising and containing over 10,000 fireflies, this park is home to one of the oddest and most captivating demonstration of bio-luminescence that people have ever seen.

Despite being a relatively expensive insect to raise, the managers of this park have been incredibly successful in their pursuit, with the first viewings of the season being quickly sold out.

Since much of the natural environment of these insects has been destroyed in China’s constant march towards industry and progress, this park also serves an important role as a haven for a life-form that might otherwise be under threat.

If you’re in China’s Hubei province between the months of May and October be sure to look out for these parks, as you’ll likely never be as entranced by insects as you will in these gardens.

Photo Credits:Li Hui

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