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China has its own Island like Hawaii

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  • 2016

Hainan Island is better known in the West as the Chinese Hawaii. It has the sole tropical beach in the entire republic. It has the coasts located on the South China Sea. While the most common summer destination for the Chinese are the Thai and Vietnamese beaches, most of them would gladly enjoy the sun of the Hainan Island. Hence why it is always filled during the summer and most of the people visiting are quite rich.

The island used to serve as China’s political prison for centuries, but since it became a province and a special economic zone in 1988, it has developed incredibly quickly to become a major tourist destination for the Chinese. From the European nations, Russian visitors have been present in large numbers (about 250 000 annually) for quite some time and their number is expected to increase this year after the rift with Turkey. In fact, major travel agencies in the West give their customers advice to pretend they are Russian if they plan to visit.


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The beaches are nothing like the western counterparts since Chinese women prefer to be pale. Instead, men can be found wearing almost nothing to enjoy the sun to full effect. They are also often seen wearing floaties, which can be quite amusing. Despite being one of the most expensive tourist destinations, there are surprisingly cheap hotels on the island. Chinese student IDs will also get the owners discounts on almost every service on offer.

Hainan also offers a golf club for the lovers of the sport and surfing activities that is available almost all year long. There is also a destination depicted on the 2-Yuan note: Tianya Haijiao or the edges of the heaven. The sight has been an inspiration for many famous Chinese poems and novels.

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Tropical beach is not the only reason the island has so many visitors. It is also quite rich with lush forests. The most famous one is called Yanoda and it is open to visitors with guided walking tours. The tours include a whole lot of activities and are quite well designed to give the tourists maximum enjoyment. Furthermore, there is a so called Monkey Island in Hainan. It is a well known nature reserve for macaques. The number of the animals is currently estimated to be 2 000 and it is the largest area in China designed for raising and training monkeys.

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