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China’s new first class film studios look to rival Hollywood

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  • 2016

When you think of Los Angeles, the iconic Hollywood sign most likely appears in the front of your mind. It’s stood there overlooking L.A since 1923 and is a main attraction of the many tourists which flock to the area.

Now, China’s Wang Jianlin is attempting to recreate and better the Hollywood we have all come to know and love. Overlooking the yellow sea in China stands a gigantic sign with the characters 东方影都, translated literally, it means eastern cinema.

At the foot of China’s new sign, construction is underway creating a lifestyle and atmosphere fit for the stars. It encompasses a movie studio, theme park, entertainment centre, yacht club, wax museum and a hospital.

Wanda group, founded by Wang, is also building one of the largest and most technologically developed film production facilities in the world. The project includes a temperature controlled underwater stage and a life-sized duplicate of New York city street, of course much more.


A staggering $8.2 billion has been set aside for the project and its doors are expected to open in April 2017.

Jianlin has been jumping through hoops to ensure people around the world know he means business, with his face now circulating among the major media publications in the U.S he has achieved his goal.

The Wanda group purchased Americas 2nd largest movie theater chain, AMC, at a price much higher than the expected value and are now negotiating the film studio Legendary Entertainment, creators of Jurassic world and Godzilla for $3.5 billion.

In order to create a replica Hollywood, the Wanda group must create a whole industry. When stars travel here with their family they want luxury and experience, not just a nice film studio, says Nancy Romano, the former operating officer of Wanda Studios Qingdao. We are looking at creating a place where stars and their family are happy to work and live for three to six months.



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