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China’s Newest Landmark: The China Zun Tower

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  • 06
  • 2016

The tall towers never stop coming. Beijing will soon have a new skyscraper taller than any other in the city.

Construction started in 2013 and the structure will be open to the public by 2018. By next July, the tower will have successfully reached 528 meters in height and boast of 108 floors above ground and seven underground.

The elegant curving designs are meant to resemble an ancient Chinese ceremonial wine vessel, called a “zun,” which also calls for the towers name.

The China Zun tower will be the Beijing’s first skyscraper to surpass the 500 meter mark. China’s World Trade Center Tower III, the cities current tallest building which bears a resemblance to the former One and Two World Trade Center in New York, will be belittled by more than 190 meters.


With such height, the aim is to have this tower as the new landmark located in the Central Business District in Beijing.


Once it is ready for use, the skyscraper will contain a shopping mall, hotel accommodation, office space and offer a range of elegant facilities.


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