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Chinese couple adopt world’s foxiest dog

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  • 2016

No, this dog isn’t a snappy dresser, nor is it a dog that was trained or raised to hunt or live with foxes. In fact, it isn’t a dog at all.

After having found the little creature sitting out in the cold and rain, the man who found the animal decided that it would be best if the cute little thing was offered a warmer environment, in both home and heart. It wasn’t until the man’s wife begun to clean the animal that they started to realize something was not as expected. The dog’s tail was unusually fluffy, at least compared to any dog she had ever seen.

Arctic fox

Also strange was the animal’s unusual scent and its strong and sharp looking teeth. It wasn’t until the animal had broken out of its cage and escaped to the balcony where it was recovered that authorities were brought in to examine the strange appearance and behavior of the animal.


As it turned out, the ‘dog’ was, in actuality, an arctic fox, which had likely been abandoned after a failed attempt at fully domesticating it as a pup. Authorities have taken the animal for rehabilitation and release into the wild, giving it a chance at a proper life that it had, so far, missed out on.


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