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Chinese Couple Ran Onto Tarmac In Effort to Not Miss Their Flight

  • 28
  • 09
  • 2016

Have you ever missed a flight? If you have, were you so annoyed that you ran under the plane moments before it would take off?

Yeah, probably doesn’t happen much.

But it did recently in China. A couple, who claimed they were misinformed about the boarding time, missed boarding of their flight from Beijing to Shanghai.


How did they want to fix it? The plane hadn’t yet taken off, but had closed its doors. So the couple ran onto the tarmac with their luggage and sat there until they were permitted to board.

Surprisingly, their tactic didn’t work out. Instead, they were taken away and detained after a 20-minute delay.


The couple tried to justify their act by stating they were not informed the flight was boarding. They were proved wrong, however, as the time was on their boarding passes.

They were afterward punished with a 5–10 day administrative detention and a £57 fine.


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