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Chinese Man built impressive monument to his crush, but was subsequently rejected

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  • 2016

Love is complicated. I can even be scary. Letting people we care about know that we care about them can leave us vulnerable in a way that many of us aren’t comfortable with. For some of us this is done with a simple date while others, such as Tong Aonan of Shenyang, China, created a far more involved and impressive project with which to woo his romantic muse.

Rubik's cube

After months of work and hundreds of dollars, Tong finally finished his creation to show off to the object of his affection. What he built, contrary to common romantic advice but nonetheless impressive, was an enormous portrait built out of the sides of 840 Rubik’s cubes. Even more amazing, he solved each of the 840 Rubik’s cubes before using them in his artwork. What could possibly say ‘I Love You’ more profoundly?

I love you

The finished product stands taller than he does, and is undeniably impressive in both stature and beauty. The only problem is that his crush wasn’t as receptive to his advances as he had hoped. In fact, she flat out refused the gift and his affections both.

Tong decided not to take the rejection too harshly and claims that he harbors no ill will towards the woman, whom he wishes a happy life, even without him.

The current problem facing Tong is what to do with the enormous portrait that sits in his living room, constantly reminding him of his jilted love.

Rubik's cube

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