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Chinese schoolgirl rides tornado as odd weather patterns persist

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  • 2016

Yes, this story is exactly as incredible and terrifying as it sounds. But don’t worry. The girl is fine.

The town of Yuanquan in the northern Chinese province of Gansu has recently been experiencing odd weather patterns that strike seemingly without warning. One such recent event was a sandstorm that apparently arrived without notice and left after a mere ten minutes, apparently bored with city life, but not before coating the town in over an inch of sand.

Another more isolated and terrifying event happened in the local Yuanquan town elementary school, where a small tornado briefly touched down and lifted a schoolgirl, Li Jiaqi, into the air before ultimately deciding that it too was bored with city life and left abruptly.

This event occurred during an annual schooling athletic event, tearing through school bags and coats before settling on young Li. Despite being thrown high into the air, Li suffered only minor injuries on her fall and is expected to make a quick and full recovery.

They say that agoraphobia can result from events in early life. Let’s hope this freak occurrence doesn’t leave Li afraid of the capricious sky.

Photo Credits: Lee Snider Photo Images

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