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Chinese Students Attend Toilet-Shaped University

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  • 2016

University is often seen as a difficult time in your life. Don’t get me wrong, there are many nights spent partying with friends or afternoons down at the beach, but a bigger amount of time is spent cramming for exams, writing a 200-page thesis, and stressing about your future.

Hopefully, students in China will manage to steal some laughs to get them through the long nights. You ask, “What are they laughing at?” Well, it’s actually their toilet-shaped university buildings.


Located at the North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power in the city of Heinan, China, is the infamous toilet-shaped building. The architects built it complete with a large water tank and a blue shed, which looks just like the inside of a toilet bowl.

While the reason for the strange design is still unknown, people flocked to social media sites in order to discuss, ridicule, and wonder. Some believe the university intentionally designed the soon-to-be student employment services building to look ‘crappy.’


China seems to have a long-standing relationship with strange buildings, to the extent the Chinese government ordered a complete ban on the construction of any further ‘weird buildings.’ New buildings should be able to match the urban landscape and reflect the culture of China and its people.

The toilet-shaped university building is not even the strangest design in China. In the photo below, you can clearly see what the People’s Daily Headquarters looks like. And the Beijing airport looks like the private part of the female anatomy!

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