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Chinese Tycoon Goes Shopping with His 8 Robot Maids So They Can Carry His Bags

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  • 2016

We’ve heard about going shopping with your friends, and we’ve all probably done it, but this man took it, not one, but a few steps further.

A wealthy Chinese businessman flaunted his riches in the streets of Guangzhou, China, by having an entourage of eight humanoid robots. These colorfully uniformed “female” robots held his belongings, followed and waited patiently while the middle-aged businessman drank some coffee in the mall and went luxury shopping at a jewelry store.

Photographs of this unnamed man quickly went viral, getting picked up by various media outlets throughout China. He was quickly labeled a “tuhao,” a Chinese term used to describe someone showing off their wealth in tacky ways.


But who are we to judge? Let a man spend his money as he likes. As long as no one gets hurt, no need to get involved. This Chinese tycoon is certainly not the first person to introduce humanoid robots assisting in daily chores. China has been recognized as a pioneer in the development of humanoid robots.

A couple weeks ago, in Guiyang City, Guizhou, the first restaurant to use robot waiters was inaugurated even though other restaurants have had negative experiences with this innovative idea.


Also, Jia Jia, boasted to be the most realistic humanoid robot by Chinese scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China, was shown to the public a few weeks back in Hefei.

Labeled as the ‘robot goddess’, Jia Jia has a number of human-like features. She is able to hold basic conversations and was constructed with natural eye movements and facial expressions.


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