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Chinese Women Claim Lying on Hot Giant Rocks Cures Diseases

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  • 08
  • 2016

Middle-aged Chinese women are relying on rocks to cure some health issues, literally by just lying on them.

The sighting occurred in Xi’an Park, located in the province of Shaanxi, China. Passersby were curiously driven towards a group of woman lying on big rocks with towels on their faces in the middle of a sunny day.

Chinese woman on hot rock 2

News spread and local reporters checked it out. One woman claimed in an interview that they were lying on these heated rocks because they had healing powers.

These women had even discovered a time of the day where the therapeutic properties were in an optimal state, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.


Doctors have warned about the dangers of relying on ‘traditional prescriptions’ and have recommended seeing a doctor if any illness is present.

The prolonged exposure to the sun has its own downfalls. An unidentified 70-year-old woman decided to lift her top mid-way to expose her stomach but unfortunately ended up with fourth-degree burns from the hot rock.

Chinese woman on hot rock

Claims of the positive outcomes of this ‘treatment’ strengthened the belief of many of the women. Lo, a woman interviewed by local reporters, said she suffers from synovitis and stiff muscles, which runs in the family. She explained that her other family members were cured by strictly following this method.

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