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Dating in India

Dating in India – Changes on the Horizon

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  • 2016

Love is in the air – or at least in the app. Dating apps are likely to change the face of dating in India where parents traditionally trawled through profiles to find suitable matches for their children.

Dating in India

Young modern Indians have now started asserting their independence in looking for love and searching for their own partners. They want to make up their own minds about who to marry.

Dating apps to the rescue. These apps ask lots of questions about hobbies and general interests to help new users set up profiles that are interesting and will attract lots of possible matches.

Dating in India

In addition, they ask for confidential information but provide security and anonymity to users who set up their profiles. For example, some apps only publish the initials or first names of users until a match has been made.

In general, only official members of each site can browse and look for a match. And young Indians are flocking to the dating apps and sites in an effort to find their own matches instead of relying on their parents to find suitable partners for them.

Dating in India

At this point, Indian dating apps have a surplus of men – not enough women. So, ladies, this is your chance to look at lots of choices critically. Choose the best one.

Does this mean that arranged marriages are on the way out? Not yet. For one thing, most of the young Indians who are striking out on their own are urban dwellers. In rural areas, parents can be confident that their roles as matchmakers are safe for several years.

Dating in India

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