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Drone deliveries are being trialled in China

  • 04
  • 12
  • 2016

Many of us are eagerly awaiting the day that drone deliveries become mainstream – because when you order a pair of shoes, you want them immediately, right?

Well, drone deliveries are being trialled in China – and they’re set to have a way bigger impact than meaning you don’t have to leave your sofa for your groceries. is a Chinese electronics company who are testing deliveries in rural villages in an attempt to drastically reduce costs. The drones themselves are pretty impressive pieces of kit, being able to carry a maximum of 15kg and travel 10km in one trip.

With 600 million consumers in rural China, the scope for this project is absolutely huge.

In the trials, when the package is delivered the “village promoter” collects it and hands it over to the customer. Easy as anything – and those consumers don’t have to leave their sofas either.

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