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Exams made “Easier” – Students caught using a high-tech cheating scam in Thailand

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  • 2016

Should they be condemned or applauded? Are they geniuses or cheats? These are the questions that are running through the minds of many people after four potential medical students were caught using high-tech gadgetry to cheat on an exam in Thailand.

The deputy dean of Rangsit University confirmed that this happened. According to him, during a student’s entrance exam, the lecturer observed that four students were behaving suspiciously. The four were searched, and electronic wrist watches and suspicious glasses were found on them.


The students had two pairs of glasses which had hidden cameras right inside the glass frame. The students also had three electronic wrist watches which were used to receive answers from a certain ‘command center.’

According to the deputy dean, the students are not only at risk of being barred from the university but also facing lawsuits and criminal prosecution although there seems to be no particular charge against exam cheating. He further went on to explain how the cheating was to be carried out.


Some hired students would be sent to sit the exam while wearing the special pair of glasses. The cameras in the glasses was meant to record a video of the exam questions.

Once the minimum time a student must sit through an exam passes, the person with the glasses would leave the exam room and hand over the glasses to a team waiting outside who would download this video and send the file to another group consisting of experts from various fields. The experts would solve these questions as fast as possible and send the answers back to the electronic wrist watches in form of SMS. The students in the exam room would then copy the answers from the watches to the exam sheets.

Following the fraud discovery, the university management ordered retakes for the examinations. The retakes will take place on 31st May and 1st June.


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