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Facebook Messenger can now tell you what to talk to your friends about

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  • 2016

Facebook’s plan to take over your social communication has taken another step forward with its Messenger app now offering conversation starters to users about their friends.

Spotted and posted to Twitter by a developer from Uber, Chris Messina, the Messenger app is now introducing a section called Conversation Topics – which offers a quick line of recent activity from contacts as a way of striking up a conversation with them.

Other users also posted about the feature, which in other cases showed what music friends had been listening to lately, or upcoming social events they’re planning on attending.

Facebook has not made any official comment on the feature.

(Jeff Chiu/AP)

The feature, which appears to be steadily rolling out to users, is the latest in a string of changes to Messenger in the last year as Facebook looks to make the app more appealing to users. Having introduced chatbots to enable users to have near-natural conversations with entire businesses, encryption features have been added for the first time.

While fellow Facebook-owned service WhatsApp now automatically encrypts all messages and conversations, Messenger users have the choice over whether to use the feature, which appears in the app under the name Secret Conversations.

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