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Fijians with tourists

Fiji – Not Easy to Get to, but Well Worth the Trouble

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  • 2017

Looking for a tropical paradise for your next vacation? Fiji will probably fulfill every fantasy you’ve ever had about spending time in a tropical paradise – and more.

If you’ve ever visited the office of a travel agent or picked up travel magazines, you’ve probably seen exotic photos of gorgeous white sand tropical beaches with sparkling turquoise water and people snorkeling and diving breathtaking coral reefs. Those photos could very well have been taken in Fiji.

Snorkeling in Fiji

Yes, Fiji has great water sports. In addition to snorkeling and diving, you can take part in flyboarding, a new fad where you can ride a jet-propelled hoverboard over the water. Now that’s real excitement.

But Fiji has so much more to offer than fantastic water sports. The people themselves are incredibly warm and friendly. Don’t be surprised if Fijians you pass on the street invite you into their home. And don’t hesitate or you’ll miss out on a chance to have a fantastic local experience.

Kava ceremony Fiji

On a visit to a local home, you will probably be offered a bowl of Fiji’s national alcoholic drink – kava, or yaqona as it’s called in Fiji. You might be asked whether you want ‘high tide’ or ‘low tide,’ meaning full or half.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t like kava – it’s an acquired taste. The second bowl will probably taste better than the first, and you might end up with an inexplicable feeling of well-being.

Be sure to take along an empty suitcase because you’re sure to want to do some shopping. Their woven handicrafts and textiles are especially appealing.

Basket weaving in Fiji

Don’t miss the Fiji Museum in Suva with its extensive archaeological collection dating back more than 3,700 years. This museum also has HMS Bounty on display. Remember Mutiny on the Bounty?

Lonely Planet listed Fiji as one of the top 10 travel destinations in 2016. You won’t be disappointed if you make it to Fiji in 2017. Book your tickets now.

Hindu temple in Nadi, Fiji

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