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Food and Cute Cuddly Animals in a Bangkok Restaurant

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  • 2016

The Little Zoo Café in Bangkok has been setting itself apart from its vast competition. Their not-so-secret secret is to allow patrons to cuddle up with exotic furry animals.

For customers to get up-close and personal to the soft cuddly creatures, all that needs to be done is order something from the menu, unlike other zoo-like restaurants that charge an entrance fee.


Kept in separate glass rooms, the fennec foxes, raccoons, owls and meerkat wait patiently to be petted by new hands.

Although there has been success with this idea, it is not without controversy. Animal advocates are bothered by the fact that these wild animals have been stripped away from their natural habitat.


However, claims have been taken into consideration and the café has responded accordingly. “For them to be exactly like dogs and cats as house pets would be difficult,” the cafe warned on Facebook.

Also, measures have been taken to relieve the stress that could be put on the animals from constant interactions during the day.

Schedules for playtime have been set up and breaks are given at any time, whenever it’s most convenient for the animals; customers are politely asked to sanitize their hands before entering and to take off their shoes.

The most famous selfie partners are the fennec foxes and meerkat, which are kept in a separate glass room, where 5-10 guests are allowed at a time.

Due to the aggressiveness of the raccoon, it is kept in a separate glass room where only a few people are allowed at a time although visitors can always watch him tumble around in his private lounge on the second floor.

For many, I’m sure that cute animals and tasty food sounds like the perfect combination to start a new day.


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