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Furniture for Cool Cats

  • 07
  • 11
  • 2017


The days of crappy cat furniture messing up your minimalist style are long over. Okawa Kagu has recently unleashed the most stylish cat furniture since Cleopatra commissioned Egyptian artisans to make a bed for Miu-Miu, her favourite feline companion.

Okawa Kagu is a furniture design collective based in Okawa City, Fukuoka, Japan, a city known for its furniture designers and artisans. To create these new pieces for cats and their human roommates, the artisans at Okawa Kagu simply downsized the furniture they were famous for, creating cat-sized beds and sofas that will eclipse their human-sized counterparts.


Ikea started the stylish-cat trend with their affordable and minimalist designs for the masses, but (as per usual) the Japanese have truly taken the trend to the next level.


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