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Futuristic Driverless Pods Hit the Roads in Singapore

  • 26
  • 04
  • 2016

If you want your country to set itself apart from the rest of world, you would want it to do it in a positive way.

This is what Singapore is doing. Not only is it positive, but some might say it’s futuristic. Before this year ends, their goal is to have driverless pods as a way of transportation in gated communities and school campuses.

This means that driverless pods are not intended to replace traditional public transportation, but to be used on much smaller roads away from transport stops.


‘2getthere’ is the Dutch company in charge of manufacturing that will hold hands with the Singaporean transportation operator SMRT to bring to life 24 passenger pods. These pods will be expected to run commercially by the end of this year and drive 8,000 passengers per hour in any single direction.

The concept itself is not a mystery to the world; many recognized automobile brands have tested their own driverless vehicles, and some have succeeded.

Abu Dhabi was privileged with the materialization of this concept back in 2010. They have commercially running pods, also made by SMRT and 2getthere, although they are smaller than what is going to be circulating in Singapore.

Needless to say, these pods have numerous benefits, having been built with sustainability in mind. For now, they are powered by electricity, but have been built to incorporate alternative green power sources, such as hydrogen power once available. Also, they have been engineered to last up to 12 years with zero Co2 and NOx emissions.


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