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Japan wearable technology

Get Ready for the Next Level of Wearable Technology

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  • 2016

You can always count on Japan to be at the forefront of advances in technology. And they’ve done again. They’ve come up with some of the most innovative and fun kinds of wearable tech, showcased at Tokyo’s Wearable Expo.

Japan wearable technology

Inupathy will help you understand your pet better. CEO Joji Yamaguchi developed a collar that would measure his dog’s heart rate and pulse. His Corgi was a nervous puppy and Yamaguchi wanted to understand his behavior better.

The harness has lights that glow different colors depending on the dog’s mood – blue for calm, red for excited, bright white when concentrating, and a rainbow display for happy. You can even store the data online to review your dog’s past emotional history.

Japan wearable technology

Yamaha’s Piano Gloves contain 12 motion sensors to record the motion of your hands so that you can analyze your performance later.

Japan wearable technology

Anicall’s Cat Collar tracks your cat’s movement and records health and emotional information so you can monitor your cat’s condition. This collar can sync with your smartphone.

Japan wearable technology

ProPilot Chair makes it easy for you to wait in line. The chair can sense when the queue moves forward and then moves along with it.

Japan wearable technology

Moff is a colorful bracelet for kids that tracks activity. The goal is to motivate kids to be more active. The Moff works with apps that children are expected to like, like playing air drum, playing electronic tennis, and practice kickboxing – all in an effort to get kids to be more active.

Expect even better wearable technology at next year’s expo.

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