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Get to Know Japan’s New Tiny Muji Huts

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  • 2016

The home goods and furniture retailer Muji is famous for its wide range of household and consumer goods. Now they are working on creative prefab houses designed to solve Japan’s well-known problem of tight spaces to build a home.

They intend to launch the Muji Hut commercially throughout Japan by 2017. However, it is not suitable for everyone.

You’d have to be a fan of the minimalist lifestyle, looking to live ‘off the grid,’ or maybe escape the busy city every once in a while.


The prefab home is very small compared to what most people are used to. That doesn’t mean it isn’t sturdy. The Muji Hut comes in three different materials – wood, aluminum, and cork.

All three designs were created by different designers, meaning you get a different style and feel depending on which material you prefer.

The aluminum design is a cozy two-story cabin but is still so small that it doesn’t require building permission. The down part is that it does not include a bathroom, kitchen, or furniture.


Jasper Morrison, designer of the cork hut, also kept simplicity in mind and managed to stay within the type of construction that does not need building permission either. However, this hut does include a kitchen, bathroom, and even a charming fireplace.

Muji designer, Naoto Fukasawa, created the wooden hut with a few more features and seems the most ‘luxurious’ of all three designs. It comes with a wall-mounted CD player, cast-iron stove, a cozy kitchen, and a large bath.


Prices for the Muji Huts will run close to $25,000 dollars. Not bad for a self-sustainable get-away home.

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