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Jony Villon

Good Deeds Might Be Rewarded

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  • 2017

The good deed by a baggage porter at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in The Philippines is making many people wonder if they’d be so honest.

The baggage porter in this case is Jony Villon who was retrieving baggage carts and returning them for use by incoming passengers. In one of those baggage carts, he found a transparent envelope and informed his superiors and the airport lost and found office. The envelope contained 48 bills of U$100 each or U$4,800 (P210,000).

Jony Villon

Jony earns P12,000 (U$240) per month. That means that the envelope contained the equivalent of 20 months’ salary for him. But he didn’t hesitate – he turned the envelope in immediately even though he could see what was inside.

When his good deed became public, he was rewarded with some cash gifts and named ‘Honesty Ambassador’ by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority which gave him a scholarship to learn a technical skill. Jony, though, didn’t know that these rewards would be coming his way.

Jony Villon

The envelope belonged to Cristina Alcaraz Rosal, an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) who had been working overseas and was bringing her earnings back to her family in The Philippines.

Working overseas temporarily for a few years is a common way for Southeast Asians to earn money for their families who remain in the home country. They sign contracts for two years or more to work as household service workers or light factory workers. The money they bring or send home provides necessities and education for their families.

Jony Villon

Jony didn’t know when he turned the envelope in that it actually belonged to an OFW who had worked overseas for some years, but Jony coincidentally had previously worked as an OFW in Israel.

Can you imagine how devastated Cristina must have felt when she realized that she’d lost the money she’d saved over years of working overseas? And how relieved she was when it turned out that her money had been found by an honest person?

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