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Malaysia high speed rail

Have an Interactive High Speed Rail Experience in Malaysia

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  • 2017

Want to experience riding in a high-speed train at a speed up to 320 km/hour (199 mi/hour)? Or maybe driving a high-speed train? If you don’t want to wait for Malaysia to finish building its high-speed rail in 2026, just head to the Cube at the Kuala Lumpur Sentral train station.

Malaysia high speed rail

Organized by China Railway, the Cube exhibition can give you that experience and is open daily to the public for free 10am to 8pm until April 16, 2017. The purpose is to introduce people to the feel of high-speed railway.

Visitors can sit in the cockpit simulator or a passenger seat and then put on the virtual reality device to get the complete experience.

Malaysia high speed rail

High-speed train – the transport mode of the future. At this point in time, high speed trains exist in several countries in Europe and Asia. China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are the Asian countries that benefit from high-speed rail.

Malaysia wants to be the next Asian country to have a high-speed train by 2026. It has been planning a high-speed train to link Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in 90 minutes, with stops at seven cities in Malaysia along a coastal route.

Malaysia high speed rail route

And it looks as though China may land the job.

Why China? Well, why not? China has vast experience in high-speed rail. In fact, by 2016, China had more than 22,000 km (13,670 mi) of high-speed rail, making it #1 in the world in terms of distance.

Well, it’s definitely fun to virtually experience the high speed train in the Cube, but it’s the time saved that people who want to travel along this route will love the most.

Malaysia high speed rail

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