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Have You Heard About Singapore’s Coffee Festival

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  • 2016

On June 9th, a 4-day event attracting thousands of coffee lovers and maybe some casual coffee drinkers opened in Singapore.


Singapore’s first Coffee Festival, organized by Sphere Exhibits and hosted by The Straits Times, included a series of events, workshops, and activities for the visitors, as well as retail opportunities from more than 100 exhibitors, including bean suppliers, equipment distributors, and cafes.

Ms. Goh Wee Wang, General Manager (consumer) of Sphere Exhibits, found it appropriate to create a coffee-themed bonanza in Singapore since ‘kopi,’ a traditional Asian coffee, is already a morning ritual. With the customary coffee trend growing, many young consumers incline towards specialty coffees.


Consequently, a huge 55,000 sq ft space in the F1 Pit Building was reserved purely for coffee related activities. Seminars and 21 workshops offered advice to help aficionados brew their perfect waker upper for the mornings.

One of the top picks of the visitors to poke their nose around was a nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee on tap, as it is still quite a unique product in the market.


“The foam generated by the nitrogen gives the coffee a creamy mouthfeel reminiscent of beer foam,” said Ms. Marilyn Eng, founder of Made Cold, a cold brew coffee wholesaler.

Thanks to the festival, café directors, such as Mr. Colin Yeo, had the opportunity to find new coffee suppliers and analyze trends. “I like the diverse range of suppliers,” said Mr. Colin. “My customers are always looking out for new types of coffee.”


According to The Strait Times, Ms. Goh has her heart set on beginning a coffee-centered annual event so that visitors can appreciate the “hard work, precision, and heart” put into brewing a one-of-a-kind cup of coffee.

“We hope visitors will walk out of the festival feeling a bit more inspired and, of course, caffeinated,” said Ms. Goh to The Strait Times.

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