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How a 2 year draught will end with an above average monsoon season for India

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  • 2016

The past two years have been difficult for Indians, mainly farmers and their families who are experiencing a crippling drought, which is killing off crops, produce and farm life around the country.

On April 12, India’s meteorological department released some exciting and uplifting news, predicting that this year’s monsoon will be above average. This is well received news which will give many of the farmers struggling through this week’s current heat wave, as well as the extended drought, the hope to continue fighting.

The meteorological department has predicted there is a 94 percent chance the rains will be above average this year, at worst case the level will be back to normal.

India’s monsoon season usually begins in June and normally affects a large majority of the country, meaning that with above average rainfalls expected even the worst effected regions will likely reap the benefits of the drought breaking monsoon.

The agricultural sector in India has been hit the hardest, after two back to back monsoon failures, depletion of reservoirs throughout the country and experiencing the hottest year to date in India 10 states around the country declared drought.

Farming in India has one of the biggest impacts on the strength of the economy, employing around 60 percent of the population and the government has been working tirelessly to support farmers during the drought.

Earlier this week the city of Latur made Indian headlines when it received a large supply of drinking water which was brought in by train and the government has promised to spend billions in order to double the income of struggling farmers.

Photo credit: Daniel J. Rao

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