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Human Waiter Shortage in Singapore Results in the use of Drones

  • 31
  • 03
  • 2016

A Singapore restaurant is running out of human waiters. Thus, the management resorted to a more innovative solution for the manpower shortage. Flying robot waiters are on the job. The Infinium Robotics company supplied the drones that are already serving restaurant customers. Singapore is experiencing shortage of manpower with the implementation of the government’s rules for cheap foreign labors.

This trend is also to slow down immigration in the country. The Singaporean restaurant industry is long dependent on foreign labor as most young Singaporeans underestimate service jobs. There have been several food stall and restaurant shutdowns in previous months because of manpower shortage.


Higher rental costs also added to the crisis in the restaurant business. Using drones is one of the steps for restaurateurs to experiment on manpower solutions. There are also robotics that could wok-fry noodles and rice. Others include the use of iPad menus and super fast delivery systems through using bullet train.

Nevertheless, it will be the first time for a Singapore restaurant to use drones as their service crew. Drone waiters navigate the restaurant through infrared sensors and controlled using computer programs. Drones can carry food and drink that weigh up to 2kg such as two pints of beer, 2 glasses of wine, and pizza.


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