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I’ll Take My Grade for Today’s Test from the ‘Grades Bank’ – Thank You Very Much

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A school in China has come up with a controversial way to ease exam stress. They’ve set up a ‘grades bank’ that students can borrow from in order to pass an exam.

Of course, like any bank, the students that borrow from the grades bank at Nanjing Number One School eventually have to repay the loan. And if they are late to repay, they’ll face interest charges. In addition, anyone who does not repay his debt will be blacklisted.

Chinese students taking test

Seems that the school has thought of everything. In fact, they consulted with bank officers about how to best set up the grades bank.

Parents have been concerned about the severe pressure that is generated by China’s strict exam-based education system. That is why Nanjing Number One School came up with a way to ease that pressure.

Chinese student taking test

When students know that they have the choice to borrow from the grades bank, that pressure is eased up significantly. They might even perform better on tests without all the stress.

Critics think that students might study less with this system in place, but the need to repay the loan keeps the students focused on their studies.

Chinese students taking test

One student named Zhu told Chinese media, “I was sick before the mid-term exams and missed several geography classes. I failed the exam, so I am glad the ‘grades bank’ gave me a chance to fix that.”

This innovative system has only been in effect since November 2016. Only time will tell whether it is a success or a failure.

Chinese students

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