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In Japan your Pet or Race Horse can Wear Technology to Monitor their health

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  • 2016

Monitoring our pet’s health or the health of any animal, for that matter, has become easier and more accessible.

Japanese farm owners and animal owners are embracing a technology which lets them monitor heartbeats, temperature, speed, and other factors in livestock. Data is sent and shown on a PC or cellphone app.

horses and tech

A farm in Urakawa, Hokkaido, a town famous for producing racehorses strapped a sensor with a GPS to monitor speed and heart-rate of a 2-year-old horse. Results showed a high heart-rate at a low speed, which indicated the horse needed some kind of special medical treatment.

This monitoring method brings potential to those who own racehorses as they can measure easily which horse is better for the racetracks and can be sold for profit.


According to Toru Hirose, racehorse dealer, decisions for buying and selling could easily be based on numbers instead of relying on intuition.

Anicall, a company based in Yokohama, is focused on developing a wearable technology to read dog emotions and is expected to be launched for commercial use by the end of the year.


“You can see if a dog tagged with a sensor is happy or unhappy based on an analysis of heartbeat and behavioural patterns,” said company employee Anna Hanawa, 25.

The wearable technology holds huge potential as livestock can be easily monitored without the necessity of a large workforce, and pets will be able to “communicate” with their owners through easy to read data.


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