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Indecisive monkey makes poor public servant

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  • 04
  • 2016

Ever heard the saying that monkey see, monkey do? Well that sentence was not created to be taken literally, nevertheless, a monkey in northern India apparently didn’t get the memo.

A bus driver in the city of Bareilly went on his break only to return to a runaway bus. As you’ve guessed, the culprit was a monkey.


After having watched the driver leave, this monkey hopped into the driver’s seat and started the ignition, probably hoping to impress his friends with his dexterity. After having turned the ignition and putting the bus into gear the monkey suddenly decided he was out of his league, likely due to his inability to reach the pedals, and jumped from the bus, leaving it to resort to the bus’s natural instinct.

By the time the bus was stopped it had crashed into two other busses and scared the heck out of some thankfully quick footed pedestrians.

The monkey then went back to his family, it is unknown whether this daring stunt impressed or embarrassed his simian kin.


Photo credits: Chippix

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