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Indian Man Killed by Meteorite

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  • 2016

Talk about having the worst luck. A bus driver in the Indian city of Vellore in the state of Tamil Nadu was struck and killed by a meteorite.

The earth is struck by many thousands of meteoroids each year, with almost all of these ancient lumps of space-rock and dust being burned into harmlessness on their entry though the atmosphere of earth. It is estimated that only 500 meteorites manage to make their way through to strike the earth’s surface with any degree of violence.

It just so happened that in this case, a very unfortunate Mr. V. Kamaraj was in the meteorite’s path. While taking a walk around the college grounds where he worked, Mr. Kamaraj was struck and instantly killed by a rock that had likely traveled many millions of years through the cold depths of space before being pulled into the gravitational pull of earth.

For anyone out there that worries about such an event, you can rest easy, you are safe. While the threat might seem terrifying, NASA calculates that you are far more likely to win the lottery multiple times than you are to suffer this incredibly unlucky fate.


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