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Indian Monkey Enters Life of Crime and Robbed a Jewellery Store

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  • 2016

When people in the western world think about monkeys, they tend to think about cute little curious creatures that make great companions and are naturally friendly. In reality, this is far from the case, as we have recently seen in south Indian city of Guntur.

monkey 2

After losing his guava, and consequently his temper, a monkey in the city flew out of control and went on a near unstoppable crime bender. After attacking a woman who dared try to return the lost guava to the small simian. The monkey took up a position at the front desk of a jewellery store, where he was anything but polite to the customers.

Employees tried unsuccessfully for 20 minutes to shoo the creature away. In the end, the monkey decided on the only logical course of action – to open the cash register and take as much money as he could. With $150 in hand, the creature made his escape, likely to fund his growing guava habit.


Events like this aren’t uncommon in India. These monkeys are considered sacred, and when there are no consequences for their actions, they often grow emboldened. Forget about planet of the apes. It’s the monkeys we should be worried about.

Forget about planet of the apes. It’s the monkeys we should be worried about.

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