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Indian Police to Use Unconventional Crowd Control Weapons

  • 27
  • 04
  • 2016

Many nations around the world are, shall we say, overenthusiastic in their use of crowd control weapons. Typical non-lethal weapons that are in operation all over the world include rubber bullets, tear gas and even sound cannons that can make people feel as if their skin is on fire, while not actually damaging them.

Not to be outdone, the Indian police have come up with a far more cost effective, yet no less frightening, method of crowd control. Armed with custom and locally made slingshots, the police in the Hisar district of Haryana aim to dissuade irate crowds by firing custom-made plastic balls filled with chili powder. If these nasty little projectiles fail to break apart crowds, the Indian police agents have been instructed to move onto using marbles in their slingshots.

As anyone who has accidentally rubbed chili powder in their eyes will tell you, this is a frightening prospect. As anyone who has had a marble thrown at them will attest, seeing a catseye or red devil coming at you is not something you want to stick around for.

How successful will this method turn out to be? Time will tell, though many would agree that this weapon downgrade is a positive change for both police and protesters.

Photo credits: and Mivr

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