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Indian Spiderman credits hobby with changing his outlook on life

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  • 2016

Climbing is a dangerous hobby, what with gravity being an ever present and powerful threat to the soft wet sack that is the human body. What can make this even more dangerous? Well, how about free climbing?


In this dangerous twist on a classic (or should that be the original classic?), practitioners attempt to scale tall and tricky buildings without the aid of safety gear or hooks to mitigate the danger of slippage. Jyothi Raj is one such practitioner, one who says his own personal method of ‘monkey-climbing’ is directly inspired by our arboreal distant cousins.

Having faced a difficult start in life, Raj credits his discovery of climbing as a part of his lifestyle that opened him to the love and generosity of his village. Ever since becoming such a staple in his village, Raj says, ‘The entire village treats me like a son.’ He adds that the village brought him from the brink of considering suicide to living a joyous life surrounded by many friends.

Even professional competition climbers are in awe of Raj’s natural abilities, with national climbing champion Shiva Linga saying that his solo climbs are ‘unbelievable’ and would be impossible to achieve for a man even as experienced and well recognized as himself.

Best of luck to you Raj. We’ll all be cheering for you.


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