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Indonesian man builds hidden place of worship, a Chicken Church.

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  • 2016

Let’s hold ourselves to higher standards than that, shall we?

Within the lush jungles of Indonesia lies one of the most unorthodox looking churches that have ever been built. Despite being regarded as locals and tourists as the Chicken Church, the original builder claims it was designed as neither.

Granted, being regarded as a church might be a bit of a stretch, but the resemblance of a gigantic chicken is uncanny.


The builder, Daniel Alamsjah, claims he decided on this oddity while he was working in the city of Jakarta. Suddenly struck with a divine message from God, Alamsjah believes he was told to build a prayer room in the shape of a dove.

Years later, after consideration of this message, and while on a trip to his wife’s family in Magelang, he received the revelation that this must be the place where he would build his house of worship.

Despite the Christian faith of the builder, he maintains that this is a place of worship of all religions, with the building receiving hundreds of visitors each years, that are okay with offering prayer in a giant, err, chicken.



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