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Indonesia’s First Digital City from Scratch

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  • 2016

Silicon Valley of Indonesia! That is what is in the mind of every enthusiastic tech scientist in Indonesia. This new development is expected to be located in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), a satellite development in Tangerang, Jakarta’s neighboring district. Unlike Cyberjaya in Malaysia, the plan to transform BSD into an innovation hub was not planned by the government. Instead, it is the brainstorm of Sinar Mas Land.


The project was started years ago, and currently, BSD offers almost everything a person would need – houses, food, entertainment, education , a green environment, and a shuttle bus to Jakarta. But plans are more far reaching than just a place to live. It is hoped that BSD will be Indonesia’s Silicon Valley.

At this point, broadband internet is expected to be available to all households in BSD City, as well as wifi and public cloud. However, the technology sees further than that, to provide progressive industry and workplaces.



Development of a mobile app through which citizens can make payments, book facilities, order transportation, and access entertainment and healthcare is ongoing. The city is also planning using custom technology for security and traffic surveillance and to construct a fiber optics network that will cover the whole city.

BSD also plans to open a co-working space consisting of dining, open air shopping, and entertainment facilities aimed at attracting tech entrepreneurs and students from the area who will be able to access a mentoring network without travelling all the way to Jakarta. A managing partner at East Ventures confirms that BSD’s population is enough to sustain the co-working space.


Surprisingly, Sinar Mas Digital Ventures is not involved in the operations of the co-working space. Sinar Mars prefers delegating that duty to East Ventures, who are friendlier to young entrepreneurs. It is expected that those entrepreneurs will later occupy the large office buildings in BSD.  The space will provide a talent development center, a talent pool, accelerators and incubators, and also facilities where people will access financial aid. This is according to Irvan, CTO of BSD City.

Google has only one word of advice for Sinar Mars, it needs to involve the right technology talent from outside to realize its vision.


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