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International Chinese Tourists Doubled to 120 million in 2015

  • 31
  • 03
  • 2016

Middle class Chinese tourism is making major breakthroughs on international travels especially during holiday periods.  A total of $215 billion was spent by Chinese tourists abroad last year. The figure is 53% higher than what was recorded in 2014.

The World Travel & Tourism Council released the report. Based on the statistics, Chinese tourists are the highest spenders for international travel, even surpassing Americans. Up to 120 million Chinese tourists have traveled to international locations over the last 5 years. The data is according to the WTTC and China National Tourist Office. Based on reports, middle class Chinese that earns about $35,000 mainly decides to travel abroad.


The boom in the tourism of China is partly due to the encouragement of its government to travel. Government initiatives that resulted to international travels include the building of new airports. The Chinese government also plans to make their economy independent from manufacturing and boost consumer spending. Chinese tourists prefer different places in Asia for their travels.

However, most recent news showed that tourists from China are venturing further to Europe and the United States. Younger Internet-savvy travelers prefer individual getaways while older tourists choose organized group trips. The Chinese travel boom benefited Japan and Iceland.


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